March 29, 2023

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Catch me if you can: Murderer flees court ahead of trial – News

A man accused of murder has fled the courtroom before his trial in Washington County Court in the US state of Oregon. After being freed from handcuffs, the suspect fled within seconds.

Eddie Villalobos, 28, is accused of murdering one man, seriously injuring another and stabbing a third.

Villalobos was arrested on April 10, 2021 and managed to escape on February 27 this year.

The moment of escape was caught on security camera. In the video, he enters the courtroom with two police officers who release his handcuffs. US state law requires that they be removed pending investigation.

On being released, he ran to the door of the room, went down a corridor, opened another door and left. Two cops chase after, but the criminal gains a huge advantage in the race.

The fugitive was spotted by authorities on two separate occasions after the incident, but was not caught on either occasion. Police used K-9 drones to track him down and mobilized two police stations in the search.

An anonymous complaint by a condominium resident said a man tried to force his way into an apartment, and when he went to investigate, Villalobos wrapped himself in a blanket and tried to hide.

Court Communications Sergeant Danny DiPietro said he expects the suspect to be handcuffed at the next hearing, once recaptured.

“However, carrying out this process depends on the courts, the prosecutor’s office and court security,” DiPietro added.

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