March 27, 2023

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Caspari predicts the fall of the Quidditch and the exchange for Pedro Quimaris

Author Elio Gaspari points out that market agents are still trying to support Paulo Quids in government “because they fear that the leader of the Nosa Kyrgyzstan will deliberately take his place”.

247 – Yours Column Elio Caspari, published in the Folha de S. Paulo newspaper, predicts the collapse of Economy Minister Paulo Quids, and says market agents are still “trying to transform a refrigerated penguin to protect the economy.” “They are doing this because they fear that the leader of the 15-armed Nosa Gaikza will deliberately take Pedro Guimaris’ place,” said Caspary, citing the ill effects of the minister’s open sea account in the British Virgin Islands. According to the Pandora Papers.

The columnist noted that “he promised privatization, he provided inflation, he promised reforms, he provided a treadmill in advance.” “Failure,” he continues.

However, Caspary says, “The minister’s millions of swamp creatures in Caribbean paradise are an excuse to leave him in the sun.”

Paulo Quitz embodies the Latin American type of ambitious and opportunistic rich man who comes to power with big plans and finds himself in his chair finding no place to implement them.

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