March 27, 2023

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Canadian police arrest more than 100 protesters in Ottawa World

Of the Police Canada More than 100 protesters were arrested in Ottawa on Friday (18) as part of a campaign to end a protracted protest against anti – Govt health measures, the city’s police chief said.

Police Commander Steve Bell said that at a press conference, the protesters were accused of many crimes including sabotage “. The surgery is going “as planned,” but it will take “time,” Bell said.

“We are keeping the situation under control and we are constantly moving forward to clear our streets,” he added, confirming that there were no injuries.

Hundreds of police were mobilized in front of protesters who refused to clear the streets of Ottawa, despite several warnings and a state of emergency against the movement.

Last Sunday, police arrested The Canada He said he had arrested a section of truck drivers who had blocked an important trade route on the border with the United States.

In a photo of February 7, 2022, Govt.

On Saturday (12), Canadian police began the operation to remove truck drivers who were blocking the border with the United States in a protest against the vaccine.

The bridge connecting the two countries has been blocked for at least ten days, and police action began more than 12 hours after the court ordered the siege to end.

Truckers’ Struggle in Canada: Understand 3 Points

The Ambassador Bridge crosses North America’s busiest land border. About 15 lorries, cars and vans blocked traffic on both sides.

“We urge all protesters to act legally and peacefully,” Windsor Police said in a tweet.

Photo montage with Justin Trudeau and truck driver during protest – Photo: Patrick Doyle and Lars Hawkberg / Reuters

Prime Minister CanadaJustin Trudeau last Monday (14) enacted an emergency law to deal with truck driver protests in the country.

The mechanism known as the “emergency law” has never been used before in the country’s history. The law gives the federal government additional powers to deal with anti-vaccine protesters.

The prime minister has denied any involvement in using the law to provoke the military against protesters, saying it was “temporary” and “geographically defined”.

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