March 27, 2023

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Canada records a temperature of 46.6 C; Heat wave Northwest U.S. World

Lytton, a small town in the British Canadian province of British Columbia, recorded this Sunday (27). 46.6 heat C heat. This is the highest temperature ever recorded in history Canada, According to local meteorological systems.

To get an idea, This value is above Brazil’s historic heat record of 44.7. Is C. According to the National Meteorological Agency (INMAT) In November 2005 Bom reached the mark in Jesus to Pia.

This heat caused disturbances such as power outages, which left hundreds of lights in British Columbia. Some schools have decided not to open this week. Authorities are on high alert for possible fires and hospitalization as the high temperature will mainly affect the elderly.

According to CTV, in the Vancouver region, Dozens of people were left out of a vaccination post Against Corona virus – at temperatures above 40 C – due to change in the application site of these quantities.

The heat postpones the US Olympic qualifying competition

The thermometer hit 108 ° F – or 42.2 C this Sunday (27 – Photo: Kirby Lee-USA Today Sports) at a stadium in Eugene, USA, where the US athletics meet for the Tokyo Olympics is taking place.

Northwest United States The record temperature was also recorded, the meteorological officials themselves admit it The heat at this time was “unprecedented”, “abnormal” and “dangerous”.

Due to this heat wave, select races in American athletics this afternoon Tokyo Olympic Games Had to postpone for the night. The event takes place in Eugene, Oregon, where thermometers set a record temperature in the city: 43.3. C.

People jump into a lake in Seattle, USA this Sunday (27) – Photo: John Froschour / AB Photo

See other temperatures recorded in the western United States this Sunday:

  • Salem, Oregon – 44,4. C.
  • Portland, Oregon – 44,4. C.
  • Seattle, Washington – 39.4. C.

Authorities are on high alert as more temperatures are forecast in the western United States in the coming days, including other states such as Idaho. There is a greater fear of wildfires and hospitalization of the elderly affected by the heat than the general population.

Weeks ago, thermometers in California hit 54 ° C, which is also considered a concern in the heat wave. Watch the video below.

More than 40 million Americans are on extreme heat alert

More than 40 million Americans are on extreme heat alert

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