August 17, 2022

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Bryce Harper Phillies hits the field and leaves the match

Bryce Harper Phillies hits the field and leaves the match

Philadelphia Phyllis star Bryce Harper He left Saturday’s game against the San Diego Padres after injuring his hands at 97mph.

Al Velez later announced that He broke his left thumbAnd it will be out indefinitely. It will be subject to further evaluation in the coming days.

“I wish I had kind of hit my face,” Harper said, Via The Associated Press. “I don’t break bones in my face. I think I can take 98 (mph) to the face, but not 97 to the thumb. Yeah, I’ve been kind of on the sand and trying a little bit to put my hand in there and not let it hit me again.”

“It’s just a problem. I’m really upset.”

Harper sustained an injury during the fourth inning against San Diego player Blake Snell. Snell unleashed his 2-2 fastball inside. Harper couldn’t get out of the way. The ball hit Harper in his hands, and he immediately fell to the ground in pain.

The replay shows the ball hitting Harper directly on his hands.

Harper was visibly upset when he got up, apparently realizing he was injured.

After exchanging words with Snell, he seemed to tell Rami Badris that he didn’t think he meant to hit him.

Snell said he texted Harper after the match.

“Obviously I felt a horrible beating of him,” said Snell. Via The Associated Press. “I don’t do it and he knows it. We talked, we dealt with it. He plays with so much passion and I can understand why he’s upset. I’m as upset as he is – I hit him. … I just hope he recovers quickly and gets back out there and keeps competing.”

Harper then went to the Phillies Club to receive a medical evaluation.

“It wasn’t hot at all,” Harper said. Via The Associated Press. “It was just a moment and a bad situation. I’ve been playing against Blake since we were 10 or 11 so I know there was absolutely no ill will behind it. The indoor pitch is part of the game. He’s a great player and a great human being too.” I wish him the best and told him to keep throwing that inside Fastball because he puts this slider on really well.”

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Can Harper He played most of the season with a UCL tear in his right elbow This prevented him from playing on the field. The injury didn’t risk further damage or prevent him from swinging, so he remained in the Phillies lineup thanks to a rule change that allowed designated hitters to be in the National League. Clearly, breaking a thumb changes his outlook.

Harper, a six-time All-Star, is coming off his second NL MVP campaign. Through 63 games this season, he’s cut .320/.385/.602 with 15 home runs, 48 ​​RBI and nine base steals. The Phillies entered play on Saturday at 37-35, 9.5 games behind the number-one Mets in the NL East. Their hopes of competing for the Annex were dealt a heavy blow with the loss of the best player.

Bryce Harper left Saturday’s game after colliding with a field. (Dennis Boroy/Getty Images)