April 1, 2023

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British government to investigate video leak of health minister fired for violating anti-Govt rules

London – The British government announced on Sunday that it was investigating the pictures of then-Health Minister Matt Hankcock. Kissing your counselor In the latest scandal that has engulfed the government of Prime Minister Boris Johnson, the media has reached out and forced his resignation.

Boris accepted his decision to step down on Saturday after leaking photos of him hugging and kissing a woman he named for the post and dismissing Hong Kong as minister.

The minister’s resignation puts pressure on the British government, which has faced the highest official death rates from the Govt-19 epidemic and has been criticized for dealing with the Hancock-led crisis in advance.

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A BBC report on Sunday revealed that secret defense ministry documents had been found by a citizen at a bus stop, doing little to dispel the sense of confusion within the government. The ministry said it was investigating the incident.

Asked if the Ministry of Health was investigating how the pictures of Hancock were taken in his government office and then leaked, Northern Ireland Minister Brandon Lewis told Sky News: “I know the health department will investigate to understand how the record came to be. Of the system. “

Former British Health Minister Matt Hankok breaks isolation to find boyfriend Photo: Breeding

He then researched on Times Radio that the government had two problems: whether the camera in Hancock’s office was “in the right place” and whether it was for security reasons, and “how the video got into the public domain”.

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After the pictures were released on Friday, many of his conservative parliamentary colleagues urged him to personally withdraw from Hong Kong, saying his position was unacceptable after admitting that the corona virus had violated the regulations in place at the time.

Boris, who has faced criticism of a number of scandals, including funding the renovation of his Downing Street residence, was the first to defend his health minister, who accepted Hancock’s resignation on Saturday, but suggested he could return to office. Best viewers.

Opposition Labor has raised a number of questions about the Hancock scandal, including whether the former health minister violated government rules.

“They say a fish is spinning from their head,” Labor Vice President Angela Rainer said in a statement Sunday, in which she called for an investigation. “The little stench surrounding this government is coming from above. Absolute disregard for the Prime Minister’s rules and ethics sets the standards for his ministers.”

Sajid Javed, the new health minister appointed by Johnson shortly after leaving Hancock, praised his predecessor for working “incredibly hard” during the corona virus outbreak.

He told the BBC he was proud to accept the new role, acknowledging that it “comes with a huge responsibility”.

“We are still in an epidemic. I would like to see this result as soon as possible. My immediate priority will be to see if it can return to normal as soon as possible,” said Javid, a one-time minister in the economy.