December 9, 2022

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Brazil ranks 67th in Kovit’s global vaccine use rankings

Syringe with Kovacin, Govit-19 vaccine
Photo: Adnan Abidi / Reuters (16.jan.2021)

Brazil is ranked 67th in the world in terms of size Covit-19 vaccine This Saturday (10), applies to every 100 people. The country, which started vaccinating about six months ago, was already ranked 56th in the rankings, and in recent days, it has risen to 70th.

The country is the 10th largest producer of the G20, the group of 20 largest economies in the world. According to updated data CNN company, Appears in Brazil with a size of 53.71 for every 100 people.

The United Kingdom tops the list at 117.95 per 100 people. Canada is in second place (110.91), followed by the United States (99.56). Next, Germany (97.08), China (94.87) and Italy (92.46) appear. In 7th place are France (87.51), Turkey (67.88), Saudi Arabia (55.72), Brazil and Argentina (53.21).

Considering the absolute number of vaccines, China continues to lead the rankings, with 1.36 billion doses already used.

India is in second place with 368.9 million doses used. Next, the United States, used with a dose of 332.9 million. Brazil ranks fourth, with 113.7 million doses used – the same level as we consider the G20 countries.

The United Kingdom ranks 5th, with 80.07 million doses used in total. Data were compiled CNN company With information from the State Health Departments and our World Data website affiliated with Oxford University in the United Kingdom.

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