March 21, 2023

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Brazil is ranked 69th in the world and 4th in total

Photo: Fabio Dixiera / Norphoto via Getty Images

Brazil ranks 69th in the world in the use of scales Covit-19 vaccine This Friday (06), for every 100 people.

The country is still the 12th largest producer of the G20, the group of 20 largest economies in the world. According to updated data CNN AgencyA dose of 54.03 is used for every 100 citizens in Brazil.

Oh Canada It appears at the top of the list with 132.80 for every 100 people. The United Kingdom is next with 126.39. And then The China (121.02) appears in third place, followed by Italy (116.75), France (112.3) and Germany (111.89).

The United States (104.34) is in 7th place, followed by Turkey (88.35). Saudi Arabia appears next, with a dose of 83.57 used for every 100 citizens. In 10th place, Japan appears, with a dose of 79.79 used at the same rate, and Argentina comes just ahead of Brazil with a dose of 74.64.

China remains at the top of the rankings, with 1.741.812,000 billion doses already used, considering the full number of vaccines.

No second place, it seems India, 495.3 million dose is used. Then USA, with 348.9. Brazil ranks fourth, with a dose of 149.7 million used – the same level if we consider the G20 countries.

Japan ranks 5th, with 99.6 million doses used, followed by Germany (93.7) and the United Kingdom (85.8). Data compiled CNN Agency With information from the state health departments and the website Our world in data, Affiliated with the University of Oxford, UK.

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