June 28, 2022

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Bolzano is coming to the US, where he will attend the US Summit and meet with Pita this Thursday | Policy

President Jair Bolzano arrived in Los Angeles on Thursday (9) afternoon United States, Which will attend the US Summit. The purpose of the event is to bring together the leaders of South America, Central America and North America Strengthening democracy in the region.

The US summit will run from Monday (June 6) to this Friday (July 10), but the full session with the heads of state will take place this Thursday. US President in the evening Joe Biden And the first lady, Jill Biden, welcomes the leaders to a dinner party.

Bolsanaro’s entourage departed from Brasilia Airport on Wednesday night (8). The official agenda released by Palácio do Planalto offers a bilateral meeting between Bolsonaro and Biden later this Thursday (See details below)

Bolzano EDecided to attend the meeting Two days after receiving US Ambassador to the United States Christopher Todd and Douglas Gonef, in-charge of the US Embassy in Brazil, at Planaldo’s Palace.

Bolsanaro accepted Fiden’s invitation to the US summit

In a note issued by the embassy United StatesDuring the meeting, Christopher Todd expressed his desire for Brazil’s active participation in the summit “and acknowledged the” collective responsibility to move towards a more inclusive and prosperous future. ”

President Jair Bolzano and the President United States, Joe Biden, Will meet at a bilateral meeting during the US Summit. The meeting will take place in Los Angeles on Thursday afternoon, according to the official agenda released by Palacio do Planaldo.

Jair Bolzano and Joe Biden – Photo: Adriano Machado / Reuters and Caroline Castor / AB

During the meeting, Juan Gonzalez, Adviser on Latin American Affairs to the US Government, Bolzano and Fiden will talk about a wide range of themes.

When asked if he would talk to US President Bolsanaro about the Brazilian electoral system, the US Government Adviser on Latin American Affairs replied that the United States trusts Brazilian election agencies.

Bolzano has a distant relationship with Pitton. In the 2020 election, the President of Brazil declared his support for the then President Donald Trump, Was defeated in the re-election attempt. Bolzano also said The US election has been marred by irregularities.

The US Summit is a presidential initiative Joe Biden Many years later, relations with Latin American countries need to be rebuilt Donald TrumpWho did not attend the last summit in Lima in 2018.

The event started this Monday (6), but Biden will formally start the meeting this Wednesday (8).

According to US government officials, during the event, Biden will seek regional consensus on the new economic agenda to develop existing trade agreements with Latin America and present a plan to counter emerging migration.

However, according to officials, the US government wants to establish itself as a key economic partner of Latin America in order to neutralize Chinese incursions.

As host, the U.S. government has accepted responsibility for compiling the guest list for the event. Claiming ideological differences, The United States Excluded CubaVenezuela and Nicaragua from the United States Summit.

The move upset some leaders, including Mexican President Andrs Manuel Lpez Obrador. “I did not go to the summit because all the countries in the United States were not invited and I believe in the need to change the policy that has been in place for centuries,” Lopez Obrador said.

With the exception of Lopez Obrador, the leaders of the US-excluded countries, the presidents of Honduras, Guatemala, Bolivia and Uruguay, have announced that they will not attend the US summit.

Following his trip to California, on June 9 and 10, Bolzano will cross the U.S. border into Orlando, Florida, where he will attend the opening ceremony of the Consulate General in Brazil.

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