December 4, 2022

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Bolsonaro calls Lula a usurper for attending COP27

In an explosion by a pair of henchmen, Jair Bolsonaro complained about the decision Luis Inacio Lula da Silvia To attend the UN Climate Conference, COP27 in Egypt. He called the successor a “usurper”. He accused the president of prematurely donning the vest. As if to convince himself that nothing had changed, he shouted, “I’m still president!” announced that

The meeting will begin on Sunday and continue till November 18. Lula will appear in the second week. It does not penetrate. After winning the election, he received a formal invitation from Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi. A proud pariah, Bolsonaro did not want to attend. His absence will draw more attention in Lula’s direction.

In Bolsonaro’s twisted interpretation, Lula is going to COP27 to “talk bad about Brazil.” He ignores the fact that his government’s poor management of the environment should not be confused with Brazil’s image. Considered a star, Lula sees the climate summit as a concrete step toward relaunching Brazil’s environmental role.

It doesn’t take much effort to change a toxic image. It would be enough for Lula to signal that his government will send all the cattle that passed under Bolsonaro back to the stables, favoring environmental crime over scrutiny. Lula is considering announcing the name of a future minister or ministers for the environment in Egypt.

Americans will be among the heads of state to walk the red carpet at COP27 Joe Biden, French Emmanuel Macron and German Olaf Scholes. To Bolsonaro’s dismay, the climate conference environment favors bilateral negotiations.

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