January 30, 2023

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Bitcoins: Submerged billionaire PRL leaves 11 billion cryptocurrency in Limbo

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Pope Benedict was a celebrity in the world of bitcoin

Trapped in the current, Romanian Mircia Bobes has no time to call for help: in a matter of seconds, he sinks and takes a secret with him: the keys to accessing a fortune estimated at $ 2 billion (about $ 11 billion) can now be permanently in cryptocurrencies.

Bobescu, one of the world’s largest bitcoin owners, died on June 23 at the age of 41 while swimming with a swimmer in Costa Rica.

According to local officials, he was struck by an electric current and died instantly in the Playa Hermosa area in the northwest of the country.

His body was identified shortly after. “An American woman who came with him was at the scene, identifying Bobescu. He said he was his accomplice,” the judicial inquiry told Teletica.