March 27, 2023

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Biotech CEO warns that Covid has resurfaced due to delta variation

Bioendech co-founder and CEO Ukhur Sahin warned on Wednesday 16th that Kovit-19 is likely to resurface, linked to an increase in cases in India, with a delta variant of the corona virus. “In the UK, about 50% of people have already taken a second dose and the delta variant is still increasing,” Sahin told a Barnes conference.

The CEO said this was one reason to be vigilant against the virus. “If we are not careful and cautious, in some regions, we may face a fourth wave,” Sahin warned. Such a decision can be avoided if the locals open it slowly from the safe. It would also be important to look at Covit-19 data such as infection rates, he said. “If the numbers are declining, that’s fine. But if they continue to increase, we can move on to the next wave, ”he pointed out.

Sahin plans to require a booster dose as the antibody level drops six months after the full vaccination. “Since antibody numbers are related to safety, it makes sense to do a booster at any time,” he said. It can occur six to nine months after a person is fully vaccinated, although it says governments will ultimately make the final decision.

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