August 17, 2022

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Biden’s visit to Brussels highlights new Russia sanctions and NATO plans | The world

President of the United States, Joe BidenAnd will announce new sanctions against the leaders of European countries Russia And measures to tighten existing sanctions during a visit to Brussels this week, National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan said on Tuesday.

Biden will discuss long-term changes in the strengths and contingencies of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) If nuclear weapons are used, Sullivan said. The president will also announce “joint action” to improve energy security in Europe, which relies heavily on Russian gas.

You To us And imposed severe sanctions on its allies Russia Provided billions of dollars in punishment for the invasion of Ukraine and in aid of arms and Ukrainian security.

Biden promised not to send US troops to Ukraine, but promised to protect Washington’s members. NATOIf they are attacked.

The US president is going to Brussels on Wednesday, where NATO And the EU holds meetings with other leaders on Thursday.

He is attending an emergency conference NATOSullivan said he would meet with G7 leaders and address EU officials at a European Council meeting.

According to the adviser, the new sanctions will be issued on Thursday with a focus on the use of previous penalties.

US President Joe Biden – Photo: AP Photo / Patrick Semensky

After Brussels, Biden will travel to Warsaw to support an alliance that shares a border with Ukraine. In Poland, he “speaks to US soldiers NATOSullivan said he would meet with experts involved in the humanitarian response to the war. The US President will also meet with Polish President Andrzej Duda.

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