December 4, 2022

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Biden predicts Democrats will win the midterm elections despite the polls

US President Joe Biden praised the administration’s own economic policies on Friday, struggling to show restless voters that he has boosted the economy. The president, who said he plans to negotiate with oil companies, predicted a Democratic victory. Mid-term elections Tuesday (8), despite polls pointing to Republican victories.

During a three-day campaign tour of four states, Biden stopped by communications company Viasat Inc. in Carlsbad, Calif., and the latest government jobs report showed the U.S. economy added 261,000 jobs last month. , a sign of progress.

Biden said he plans to have a “bright” conversation with U.S. oil companies soon to complain about record profits at a time when Americans are paying higher prices at the pump.

Biden has declared inflation his top priority, insisting he is taking Americans’ economic concerns seriously when voters go to the polls on Tuesday to decide whether he and Democrats will retain control of the US Congress.

“Friends, our economy continues to grow and create jobs even as gasoline prices drop,” he said. “We also know that people are struggling with inflation.” But he said there are “bright spots” where the country is recovering.

Projections show Republicans are close to taking control of the House of Representatives America And perhaps even the Senate, giving them the power to block Biden’s legislative agenda for the next two years.

Biden said he believes Democrats can reverse the trend this time. “We’re going to win this time. I feel very good about our chances,” the president said, adding that Democrats have a good chance of winning the House of Representatives.

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Biden’s campaign tour will conclude Saturday with a joint appearance with former President Barack Obama in Philadelphia.