May 21, 2022

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Biden executives say Putin is moving to ‘Plan B’

Russian President Vladimir Putin – SPUTNIK / AFP (Credit: SPUTNIK / AFP)

After the rapid victory of Russian forces over Ukraine, senior US officials see signs of a shift to the Kremlin’s new strategy. The report is based on an exclusive report by the Wall Street Journal.

The new assessment is that Russia should force Kiev to accept the claims of the southern and eastern parts of the country to protect the land bridge between Russia and Crimea, which has been occupied by Russian troops since 2014.

For Ukraine’s besieged citizens, a change in strategy means prolonging the war, with potential conflict. Poverty and extreme Economic impact. UN More than 10 million people He left Ukraine in search of safe havens.

Putin’s assessment of “Plan B”, as one official called it, comes with caution. “Your goal has not changed. What changed was his tricks.

Currently, Russian forces are facing massive challenges Old weapons, not very accurate and large-scale casualties.

The publication warns that the interpretation of Putin’s strategy is not the result of a formal US assessment, but rather of an intelligence community with access to classified information.

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