August 15, 2022

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Benfica 1-3 Liverpool: Champions League quarter-final first leg – as it happened | Champions League


I’ll leave you with Andy Hunter’s match report from Lisbon. Thanks for reading, and good night!


Sadio Mane: “I scored a goal today, I am happy but the most important are the goals we scored. We are now waiting for the next match to get the job done at home.”

Andy Robertson: “It was a tough game, in the first half from the top, I created a good chance and could have gone two more. We wanted to keep it tight and unfortunately we did it. They scored a goal, raised the crowd, and got a little sloppy. The third goal was big but what We still have more to do.”


Manchester City 1-0 Atletico Madrid I mean, there is *a lot* resting on the second part of that particular tie.


Full time: Benfica 1-3 Liverpool

The team scored five wins in a row in Champions League for Liverpool. They fluctuated in the first 25 minutes of the second half, but Diaz’s late goal got them close to enough shots in the final four minutes.


90 + 7 minutes: Henderson plays Jota, and Flashimodus stops this tie away from him Benfica With a good mass.


90 + 4 minutes: Help Fabinho to his feet. I wonder if the concussion issue here will get in the way of his participation against Man City at the weekend – not that that’s the priority here. I imagine it would just sit outside the dying seconds.


90 + 2 minutes: Otamendi and Fabinho head down a free kick and both need lengthy checks. The Liverpool The guy looks a little worse off.


90 + 1 minute: We’ll see three minutes added while those minutes run out.


The goal! Benfica 1-3 Liverpool (Diaz, 87)

They’ve got a third, and now they’re probably sealing their tie! Keita intercepts in midfield and pushes forward and slips off Diaz. Vlachodimos slips past a bit with ease, slips into the house and absolutely loves the boos from Benfica’s followers. Liverpool Things just escalated in the last few minutes, and that made it important.

Liverpool's Luis Diaz celebrates after scoring the third goal.
Liverpool’s Luis Diaz celebrates after scoring the third goal. Photo: Julian Finney/Getty Images


86 minutes: And now Alexander Arnold’s engine loops are spinning over Weigl. Robertson delivers well again from the corner, but just behind all heads.


85 minutes: The gutta blow deflects wide. Liverpool Looks like they don’t mind a third goal now. Alexander Arnold’s corner kick was well defended.


83 minutes: Alison *almost* slips away on an awkward turn past Rafa Silva. It looked for a while as if he had lost control of the ball.


82 minutes: Liverpool The spark comes back to life, but after defending a cross kick from Henderson, Diaz misses his shot completely from the second. Benfica bring Yarmchuk, the Ukrainian, to Everton.


81 minutes: And now he won for a free kick Liverpool in a similar area. Robertson will deliver…but Nunez is back in his own six-yard box to shake his head away.


78 minutes: Jota tries to outrun Otamendi down the left, but doesn’t win. Free kick received.


76 minutes: slower spell. There was not much in this half. I mean, Liverpool They will take this even if the second period is fixed for them.


73 minutes: I believed Liverpool It would be about four ahead now, once they opened the scoring, but that didn’t happen in this half and Benfica picked it up as well.


72 minutes: I’ve never seen the Van Dijk/Nunez incident again but there is a vocal school of thought Benfica He should have had a penalty there. Van Dijk had an arm, but the VAR said no.


67 minutes: Nunez away down the left! And it has acres to contend with! But he can’t imagine a crack in his left foot, and checking inside Van Dijk, he stumbles into a pile – not for the first time. No penalty for too much noise; Badly lost position.


65 minutes: Alexander Arnold’s radar is starting to show up today and finds Robertson with his latest sighting, diagonally laser-like in the box. Robertson is in an area similar to the one from which he resided the second Diaz, but his cross is cut off.


63 minutes: Benfica’s pace is about a billion times higher than it was before the interval. Keita thinks he still has a lot of pace for Taarabt, and these days he’s been recast as a hardworking midfielder to be booked.


61 minutes: It can and should be 2-2! Benfica Cut with men. Everton has a man on his right but he can also line up an obvious fault from 18 yards…but Alisson saves down! And Klopp is not messing around now: Firmino, Jota and Henderson come in instead of Mane, Salah and Thiago.


60 minutes: Darwin [Nunez] on the left for Benfica Sounds like a natural choice,” Gary Byrne tweeted. Not bad.


58 minutes: We’ll see Jordan Henderson, Roberto Firmino and Diogo Jota soon, which doesn’t surprise me at all. Thiago is the last to hit a stray pass, and soon thereafter he was booked. What a contrast with the first half of Liverpool.


55 minutes: Liverpool They try to find their former groove. Benfica looks like a monster faster than the ball now. The next goal, if we get a goal, will be very interesting … and Nunez tries to save it, as he was found deep in the penalty area through a good Silva cross but I saw it wrong. That was a good 2-2 chance actually.


52 minutes: Nunez catches Thiago’s foul, now, but runs off target.


51 minutes: Well Well. clean playing Benfica Because, despite their superiority, they kept trying. They took advantage of a mistake they raised the roof!

Darwin Nunez of Benfica celebrates after scoring his team's first goal.
Darwin Nunez of Benfica celebrates after scoring his team’s first goal. Photo: Carlos Rodriguez/UEFA/Getty Images


The goal! Benfica 1-2 Liverpool (Nunez, 49)

They’ve gotten so dirty – so dirty! Konate filters him from a right-sided cross pass and lets her pass through…leaving Nunez to control cleverly and finish in style. The game, unexpectedly, is on!

Darwin Nunez of Benfica scores his first goal.
The game started, courtesy of Benfica player Darwin Nunez. Photo: Matthew Childs/Action Images/Reuters


47 minutes: Alexander Arnold allows Konate to pass under his foot. Definitely Liverpool You won’t get sloppy here.


“The guard is known here in Lisbon as Odysseus,” Written by Tim Stappard. “But Achilles in defense may help him.”


What happens in Manchester City against Atletico? Rob Smith knows:


Half time: Benfica 0-2 Liverpool

Konate, Mane and many problems at all for Klopp’s team and his companions.


45 minutes: Konate denies Nunez on the one hand, and Salah can make it three at the other end after another great ball from Alexander-Arnold but Flashodemos saved it, then Silva returned to the penalty area for Liverpool from a half decent position. Phew.


44 minutes: Mane finds space in the move for the 1,000th time but a pass to Diaz is a bit delayed and the Colombian is crowded.


42 minutes: A few of you pointed out that there was a fair amount of nominal determinism in the 23rd minute…


41 minutes: “The only flaw in the Liverpool game so far: Fabinho’s knee slip failed as he ran to congratulate Konate on his goal,” Peter Oh correctly notes.


40 minutes: “I may regret saying this, and yet, like a Windsor knot, this tie is finished,” Kiaran Boland writes.


39 minutes: Diaz, still whistling, would love a target and try—but he fades wide from 20 yards.


37 minutes: Alisson makes a speculative effort from Everton with ease. Benfica He’s going to need something here because a deficit of two braces, or worse, looks like blinds.


The goal! Benfica 0-2 Liverpool (Mane, 34)

Yes, that would probably be a tie. But what a goal! Alexander-Arnold sends a *magnificent* 50-yard ball over the defense to Diaz, who has the presence of mind to extend a perfect header to Mane…who finishes the match with confidence.

Sadio Mane, Liverpool player, scores his second goal.
Sadio Mane, Liverpool player, scores his second goal. Photo: Matthew Childs/Action Images/Reuters
Sadio Mane, Liverpool player, scores the second goal for his team.
Here’s how the end is viewed from behind the goal. Photography: Michael Zimanek/Shutterstock
Liverpool's Sadio Mane celebrates with Virgil van Dijk after he scored his team's second goal.
Virgil van Dijk (right) congratulates Mane on his goal. Photo: Armando Franca/AP

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