July 2, 2022

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Before meeting, Bolzano tells Biden that he sees ‘sometimes’ a threat to sovereignty over the Amazon | Policy

President in the presence of the media Jair Bolzano Demonstration before the US President this Thursday (9), Joe BidenBilateral, before the bilateral personal meeting.

Bolzano traveled to Los Angeles (USA) Attend the US SummitA meeting of state and government leaders in the region.

Sitting next to Biden, Bolzano said that Brazil feels “sometimes” a threat to Amazon’s sovereignty. He backed Brazilian environmental law and said the country would “soon” become one of the “largest exporters of clean energy through green hydrogen”.

“Sometimes we feel there is a threat to our sovereignty in that area. But Brazil is doing well to protect its territory,” he said.

He acknowledged the “difficulties” associated with the environment. “The environmental issue, we have our difficulties, but we do everything we can to meet our interests, and why not say the will of the world, but, as I said, we are an example to the world on the environmental issue,” he said.

Prior to Bolzano’s speech, Biden told him that Brazil had made “real sacrifices” to protect the Amazon and that the rest of the world needed to help fund the protection of the rainforest. According to Biden, the protection of the Amazon is an “international responsibility” because the world benefits from the protection of forests.

Bolzano told his U.S. colleague that 85% of the Amazon was protected and that environmental law was “very strict” and that the government was doing its best to comply.

Bolsanaro and Biden speak during US summit – Photo: Kevin Lamarck / Reuters

The President of Brazil also spoke to Biden about food. “I dare say,” the world depends on Brazil for its survival.

“Brazil feeds more than 1 billion people worldwide with sophisticated, mechanized agriculture and world-class technology. Today, the world depends heavily on Brazil for its survival,” the Brazilian declared. .

Read other excerpts from Paulsonaro’s speech to Biden:

Elections – “We are holding elections in Brazil this year. Yes, we want clean, credible and auditable elections, so there is no doubt after the election. And I hope it happens in this democratic sense. Government, that too will happen. Be democratic.”

Relations with the United States – “Brazil and the United States have everything to achieve in their trade relations on the North-South Axis because our countries complement each other and we have everything we need to further integrate ourselves and set an example to the world.”

Covid – The effects of epidemics and the economic consequences will be detrimental to all of us, with the misguided policy of ‘stay at home and see the economy later’, aggravated by the war 10,000 km from Brazil. ”

Russia-Ukraine war – “Mr. President Joe BidenWe hope that we are ready to cooperate between Ukraine and Russia to create a way out of this chapter that we do not want, not only in Brazil, but that we want, hope and pray that we will leave soon. , But the world is returning to normal. ”

Below is the full text of Paulsonaro’s speech with Biden:

Bolzano talks to Biden about Amazon and elections