June 29, 2022

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Bear bathing with a toy bear in the woods – Metro World News Brazil

Last year, Tamarak was rescued from a wildfire in northern California, USA. The feet of the orphaned bear cub were charred in the fire. From the information portal Dodo.

The bear was treated at the wildlife care center to heal the injury. To the surprise of the rescuers, the animal was able to return to the wild.

After the fear he left, Tamarak is still alive. Since his last escape, wildlife activist Toogee Sielsch has been filming the bear on path cameras placed across the forest near his home.

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Camera shot

Recently, one of the cameras installed by Sailsh caught Tamarak bathing in a large puddle in a specific area of ​​the forest. However, the animal is not alone. In his company, he finds a toy bear – which he may have met around and already befriended.

No one knows where the toy bear that Tamarak bought came from, but the bear seemed to have made a new best friend. Sealsh was surprised to see what he saw.

“I thought it’s a perfect example of not just young black bears, but all of them playing,” Sealsh told The Dodo.

That bear record certainly turned out to be a worthy plot twist because the animal went through a difficult situation the previous year and it could have lost his life. Happy and with a new friend, Tamarak lives in a decent, happy environment.

“As an orphan puppy, and as this year’s healer, I’m glad to see him progress against all odds, and now he’s one year old,” Sealsh said. “It shows how resilient wildlife is when they survive.”

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