December 7, 2022

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BB Says Goodbye to Talent in Private Banks with ‘Bath’

Banco do Brasil’s 84% ​​growth in net profit in the third quarter disproved old notions of “inefficiency” in the public sector. In BB’s 214 years, nothing like this has been seen: annual net profit of R$32 billion is twice the average of private banks. Thanks to the doomed performance by the incoming government, BP was able to add R$286 billion in loans to agribusiness. But Lula has already warned that a public bank “can’t make a profit”.

PT’s hindsight sees profit as “sinful”, but it is a positive result that allows the bank to fulfill its essential lending function.

BB’s credit portfolio is almost R$1 trillion (R$970 billion), benefiting legal entities (R$355 billion) and individuals (R$282 billion).

The balance sheet increased Banco do Brasil’s market value from R$83 billion to R$106 billion over the past twelve months.

Even skyrocketing defaults among Banco do Brasil banks were minimal, reinforcing its efficient management.

The positive rate increased from 6% in the second week of October to 29% this week Photo: Breno Esaki/ Agência Saúde DF

The new ‘wave’ of covid could be the perfect excuse

The press is starting to echo the lines of “experts” about the increased risk of a new wave of Covid in Brazil, mainly using the increase in cases and deaths as a justification. But data from Gonas and Worldometer show a daily average of 43 deaths from Covid-19, one of the ten lowest since the pandemic began. Many suspect there are other reasons for undue concern: the demonstrations.

The first “recommendation” already made by experts is to withdraw masks. The next step is to stop the demonstrations… the meetings.

The current average is the 7th lowest since April 2020, with the other six recorded in the past 40 days, according to Worldometer.

With a population 3 to 4 times larger, the Brazilian average is smaller than Germany (150), the United Kingdom (68), France (58) and Italy (41).

Unashamed authority

Flood discount

Recife has always lived in floods, but Arenista Deputy Leyal Sambayo said goodbye to the State Government’s Secretary of State for Works, which he would later regret. “I did my duty: I solved 40% of the floods in the Kapiparibe River!” Deputy Livino Valenza (MDB) was not on one side, full contradiction: “Thank God! In the next flood I will have only 1.20 m of water in the house, because in the end it reached two meters!

President-elect Lula hasn’t even taken office and has already returned to using the jets of business friends, but the worst part is that a plane emitting tons of CO² was used to get to COP27 in Egypt to protect the environment.

The words of Superior Electoral Court (TSE) President Alexandre de Moraes still resonate. When you “attack” electoral justice officials, “you attack democracy,” he said in New York.

No magistrate of the “American STF” participates in slot events, just as a minister of the Supreme Court of the United States is not seen speaking ill of his country, especially abroad.

Deputy Sandro Alex (União-PR) said that Lula’s visit to COP 27 was a repeat of history. “One of Lava Zato’s first episodes was riding on a money-changing jet with Andre Vargas,” the arrested former PT leader.

Today’s philosophy

Silence without a voice is not silence, it is fear

Deputy Pia Kissis (PL-DF) uses an excerpt from O Rappa’s music to define present-day Brazil

Minister Luis Roberto Barroso, who has been criticized for badmouthing Brazil abroad and referring to Jair Bolsonaro as an “enemy”, said in New York: “A legend has been created that the SDF is against the president…”

In addition to Jose Ceriberi Filho, the owner of the jet that took Lula to COP 27, Joseli Bautista will also return to power. On the farm, with or without Henrik Meirelles, his former employee at Banco Original.

In New York, Alexandre de Moraes filmed the father and daughter on cellphones, and the man walked toward the girl in a manner he deemed threatening. “If you touch her, there will be trouble…” The minister backs off when Dad reminds him of the country they were in.

The Federal Court of Auditors (TCU) only disrupted the lives of the beneficiaries of Auxilio Brazil and Caixa, taking a long time to decide the MP’s account attempt to freeze the wages.

…If the Tide 11 take the lead, Brazil will return from Qatar with a sixth and seventh bag.

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