March 25, 2023

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Bathers are amazed by the sharks while relaxing in the sea

Surprised by sharks while bathing in the sea (Credit: Breeding / NY Post)

Lacey Fascian, Casey Thompson and Couston Upangs retire Mar. Gives Florida, To us United States, When they were surprised Sharks. The women enjoyed the Boy Company floating near the beach Beach As soon as the animals arrived.

+ Police have found seven live sharks in the basement of animal traders

+ Sharks are disappearing, and the report says the event will make a huge hole in the oceans

+ The study reveals that the reef shark population is declining

A video was recorded Sharks With women. In the scenes, you can hear people screaming as they watch the approaching animals. Despite the fear, Lacey, Casey and Couston kept their cool Hunters Passed that place.

In an interview NYPost, Yupungs said it Seven hammer sharks They approached them and were a few inches from the floating mat. “I said, ‘Lord, save us! If this is the time to go, it is time to go. Protect us, ” he said.

“They came towards us and were on the beach. We were in a shallow part of the ocean, the water was knee deep and waist-high, so they were right on the beach,” Facien said.

Fortunately, the sharks circled around and then began to swim in the deep water. No one was injured.

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