March 27, 2023

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Barack Obama is preparing a big birthday party for his 60th birthday – Vogue

Barack and Michael Obama (Photo: Reproduction)

Former President Barack Obama Various international media outlets have reported that Massachusetts will be celebrating its 60th anniversary with a big party at Martha’s Vineyard this weekend.

But the party, which has planned for the alleged 475 guests, is currently the biggest propagandist of the corona virus, with some criticism – especially from political right-wing supporters – spreading the delta variation.

Reports suggest that the event will be held outside and that everyone should be fully vaccinated and give negative test results before entering. A “co-ordinator” will oversee the party. Not sure if the mask is mandatory.

The director will be among the names selected by Obama, who turns 60 on Wednesday (4) Steven Spielberg, Actor George Clooney And provider Oprah Winfrey.

President Joe Biden He will not attend, but a White House spokesman said he would “meet former President Obama soon and welcome him to the Sixty-Plus Club.”

Martha’s vineyard, Dukes County, is not currently considered a high-risk area for corona virus infection. But a bunch of cases among people vaccinated in neighboring Bravinstown last month prompted disease control and prevention centers to reintroduce advice on the use of masks.

The increasing concern of lawsuits in recent weeks – especially among those who have not been vaccinated – has led to a controversial shift in some safety regulations in the United States.

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