March 27, 2023

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Band’s father, Jonah Trepto, was rescued from a collapsed building in Miami Celebrities

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The presenter’s father was rescued in Miami

The father of band TV presenter Jonah Trepto has been rescued from the rubble The collapsed building in Miami, USA this Thursday

On his Twitter profile, the journalist thanked God for rescuing the family and spoke of a “miracle”. According to the spokesman, the family’s patriarchy had been living in the building for 20 years. “Thank God my family was rescued. My father, his wife and dog were all right. A miracle. The building he lived in almost 20 years ago, he collapsed. His apartment did not go down to 5 meters. Firefighters will find survivors of this tragedy. My God , How sad, ”the presenter wrote on his Twitter profile.

Jonah Trepto also thanked the news. “It’s hard to talk about a miracle that can cause so many deaths. My father and wife are fine. I was so nervous. I wanted to be close. Neighbors and people they have known for so long.

A 12-story building in Miami, Florida, USA, collapsed today. According to reports, firefighters were able to rescue 35 people. However, a woman had to have her leg amputated to remove it from the rubble, and at least one person died.

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