April 1, 2023

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Babylon Fall's concurrent player count drops to less than 10 on PC

Babylon Fall’s concurrent player count drops to less than 10 on PC

The beleaguered new release from Platinum Games, Fall of Babylon, continues to struggle just a month after its release.

As I spotted it tech radaraccording to SteamCharts – Site that charts, as expected, gaming performance on Steam – The new game’s global concurrent player count dropped to just eight on Wednesday, April 13. Its highest ever peak is 1,166 players.

In the last 30 days, the average number of players was only 137 at any one time.

This news comes just two weeks after Platinum Games confirmed its existence ‘No plans’ to curtail development From the fall of Babylon despite its less than stellar release.

Not only did the Square Enix and Platinum Games collaboration release mediocre reviews, but Strive to attract huge interest from players, very. Just two weeks after launch, Square launched a survey in an effort to help “provide a better gaming experience for everyone,” and now the team is making sure you know that despite the issues, content through Season 2 is “virtually complete” and work on Season 3 is already underway.

If you haven’t experienced Babylon’s fall yet but found yourself intrigued nonetheless, the demo – which includes four-player co-op gameplay – is Currently available for PC and PlayStation. All progress made during the free trial period can be carried over if you decide to go ahead and choose the full version of Babylon’s Fall.

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