December 8, 2022

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Baby parents catch a man talking to a baby through a baby monitor

The couple discovered their 15-month-old son was being spied on by an unidentified man who entered a child’s surveillance system fitted in a children’s room in Oxfordshire, England. Shannon Richardson, 22, and her boyfriend, Jack, explore the reasons why Freddie wakes up at 2am every morning.

In October of this year, when they saw A. Picture At night, the two heard a “thick voice” talking to the baby. At first, they thought someone had entered the house, but when they arrived in their room, they noticed a “very clear” sound coming from the baby monitor, the British tabloid described. Daily Mail.

“He was saying‘ Baby ’and‘ Baby ’, as if he was trying to wake up Freddie. Jack went down the stairs and ran to his room. None other than the baby monitor If there was Turns to him, and then Jack tore the monitor apart, “said the baby’s mother.

Shannon was so impressed with the situation that she thought the stranger might be a nearby resident, so she sought refuge in her mother’s house, and after a while returned to the property, keeping the baby’s room locked.

The woman, who works as a caregiver, exemplifies that she is worried when she thinks about whether the baby and the couple will take care of themselves for a long time.

“The irritability and disgust we feel … it’s horrible. How long has this pervert been looking at Freddie’s room? “Now that the monitor has been removed he will not wake up at night,” he said.

The British Daily reported that there was no information on possible radio interference in the equipment. Shannon was gifted a tracking system during pregnancy and has been using it since her baby was born.

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“I thought it was very practical because the chance to see him when he was in the crib was so good,” he says. “Child watchers should be a safe way to monitor your child so you never think anyone can see them,” he concluded.