March 25, 2023

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At age 96, one of the last survivors of the Hiroshima bombing died

One of the last survivors Pamba de Hiroshima, Sunaw Suboy passed away today, Wednesday (27) Japan, 96 years old. The Japanese were one of the largest anti-nuclear activists.

On August 6, 1945, on his way to college, Supoi, 20, was attacked in his hometown of Hiroshima by an atomic bomb that changed Japan and world history.

The eruption killed 140,000 people, and 127,000 people have recovered that dream to this day through the surviving body marks.

The Japanese suffered burns all over their bodies. It was only a few weeks after the incident that he regained consciousness, weak and with numerous scars all over his body. He had to re-learn how to use his body as part of the recovery.

Sunao Suboy dedicated every day of his life as a powerful voice for the elimination of nuclear weapons. He went to teach mathematics in schools in Japan and told young people about his experiences during the war.

For fellow enthusiasts, the advice is simple: “Don’t give up!”

Throughout his life, Suboy grew up Cancer And other diseases. He was hospitalized for a long time due to anemia.

In 2016, during a brief meeting with then-US President Barack Obama during his visit to Hiroshima, he said the Japanese were able to convey his thoughts to Obama.

Suboy left two daughters and a son.

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