March 29, 2023

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Arn Anderson discusses a possible next iteration of the Four Horsemen

Would Arn Anderson ever want to see a remake of The Four Horsemen again? “The Enforcer” was asked this question on his latest episode of “ARN” and co-host Paul Brumwell He is advised by the idea of ​​Arn’s son, Brock, Brian Pillman Jr., and Tessa Blanchard to reform the infamous group.

“Obviously, at some point in time, I’d like to see another hit run by the Four Horsemen, renamed,” said Anderson, who noted that he owns the rights to the trademark. He mentioned how Pillman Jr. has so much potential and formed such a unique bond with Brooke

“It was talked about after the success They have a picnic at Starrcast [V]. I think there is a possibility of something like that happening. He also believes Blanchard would be a good fit depending on her mentality and ambition.

“I’m not sure what’s going on with her in her work these days or what her goals are or any of that. I don’t know Tessa like that, you know? It was a casual crossing of paths,” he said. Blanchard Currently focusing on school After the controversial wrestler fell out with Women Of Wrestling.

Bromwell asks Anderson if he likes the idea of ​​having the Four Horsemen as a faction again or if it would be best to create something new. Anderson acknowledged that some of the earlier versions were flops, but some lived in disrepair.

He replies, “It’s a lot of pressure for three kids if they really understand what that means,” but he knows Brooke will and thinks Tessa will, too. Anderson also said he’s still trying to figure out Pillman Jr. He added that Brock will inherit the brand once he is gone.

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“I know he’ll do what I want with it, but more than that, make it his own and make it better. The key word would be ‘make it better.'”