March 25, 2023

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Ariana Saeed, Afghanistan pop star, American cargo plane recordings escape song

Singer Haryana Saeed shared pictures of the flight from Afghanistan Taliban takeover. He is considered one of the pop stars of the country and has the nickname “Afghanistan Kardashian”.

Haryana, along with her husband Hasib Syed, left the country on a US cargo flight to Doha, Qatar on Tuesday (17).

He also said he was afraid of women holding public office in Afghanistan.

Afghanistan’s biggest pop star Haryana Saeed flees US cargo plane – Photo: Reproduction / Arias Saeed

“I’m fine and alive. After some unforgettable nights, I arrived in Doha, Qatar and I’m looking forward to returning home to Istanbul,” the singer wrote.

“My heartfelt thanks for the good luck and prayers for each of you,” he continued.

Aryana, 36, was a judge on “The Voice” in Afghanistan and has 1.3 million followers on Instagram.

In another post released on Sunday (15), the day the extremist group seized power, the singer wrote: “Be strong, my beautiful, devastating and sad homeland … sorry.”

Arya Saeed with her husband Haseeb Saeed – Photo: Reproduction / Instagram / Haseeb Saeed

Haseeb Saeed shared a short video of Ariana resting on a commercial flight leaving Qatar this Wednesday (18th).

“I looked at her and was reminded of how bravely and fearlessly she handled the latest, most difficult and most dangerous moments of her life.”

“To you and others, she may be an artist with a beautiful voice and exceptional talent. But for me, she was a fearless champion who was a role model even for me.”

Concludes the speech by saying When the singer wakes up she will have “a lot of stories to tell”.

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