January 30, 2023

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Archaeologists have found slave settlements in Pompeii; See photos | The world

A team of archaeologists from Pompeii ItalyRemains of the “slave room”, a very rare find for this Roman villa that was destroyed by the eruption of Vesuvius 2000 years ago, have been discovered.

A small room with three beds, a porcelain vase and a wooden chest was discovered during excavations at Villa de Civita Giuliana, a few meters from the rest of the ancient city.

Earlier this year, archaeologists discovered a Roman chariot at the site. The room found on Saturday (6) will house the slaves responsible for the maintenance and production of this cart.

Three people are said to have lived in a slave settlement found at an archeological site in Pompeii – Photo: Thanks via AFP

Director General of the Archaeological Site Gabriel Justrikel, Director General of the Archaeological Site, said: Life as an archaeologist.

When Vesuvius erupted in 79 AD, Bombay was buried under ashes, killing those who failed to leave the city in time.

Archaeologists working on excavations in Pompeii – Photo: Thanks via AFP

The 16 square meter room functioned as a bedroom and pantry: in addition to the three beds – one of them a child – there were eight mugs in one corner. There were metal objects on the wooden chest, which appeared to be part of the channel of the horses in the carriages.

“This room offers us a rare view of the everyday reality of slavery, thanks to its exceptional security level,” said the Archaeological Park in Pompeii.

Slave Room Discovered at Archaeological Site in Pompeii – Photo: Thanks via AFP

The beds are made of wooden planks and can be adjusted according to the height of the user.

Two of them are about 1.7 meters long and the other are 1.4 meters long, which may be childish.

According to the archeological park, the three slaves may have been a family.

Archaeologists working in Pompeii, where a quarter of slaves have been found – Photo: Thanks via AFP

Archaeologists have unearthed several unique items under the beds, which may have included a bowl for personal belongings, ceramic jars and a utensil.

The room is lit by a small upper window and there are no traces or decorations on the walls.

The excavation is part of a project launched in 2017 to combat illegal activities in the area, including digging mines to find areas for sale in illegal markets.

Blueprint shows section of archeological site where slave settlements were found in Pompeii – Photo: Thanks via AFP

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