March 27, 2023

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Announced that it had taken control of the last part of the Taliban resistance in Afghanistan; The rebels deny the world

The Taliban militant group announced on Monday (6) that it had taken full control of the Banjshir Valley, the last part of Afghanistan, the organisation’s spokesman Jabihullah Mujahid said.

Pictures on social media showed members of the militant group outside the gates of a government compound in Punjab province.

A spokesman said the new Afghan government would be announced soon, but did not specify when.

The National Opposition Front (FNR) refuses to take that position, saying it will continue to fight and maintain “strategic positions”. “The fight against the Taliban and their allies will continue,” FNR said on its Twitter account.

Ahmed Masood, the leader of the opposition, said in a statement that he was safe.

Earlier this Sunday (5), the leader of the opposition group said it had received recommendations from religious scholars for talks to end an agreement. Conflict in the province.

Ahmed Masood, the leader of the National Opposition Front, posted a statement on his official Facebook profile announcing that he was ready to negotiate with the militants. Earlier, Taliban forces claimed to have fought to reach the capital, Panjshir, after defending neighboring districts.

About two hours’ hill from the capital, Kabul, is the Panchsheer Valley, one of the 34 provinces of Taliban-controlled Afghanistan. (See more in the video below). The militants captured other parts of the country In early August, Seized power after the fall of the pro-Western government and President Ashraf Ghani fled.

All parties can hold a big meeting with the Council of Religious Scholars of the Ulema, Ahmed Masood said.

Earlier, the Afghan media reported that religious scholars had asked the Taliban to accept a negotiated agreement to end the fighting in Punjab. There was no immediate response from the militant group.

Both the armed opposition and the ruling extremist group in other provinces claim to have inflicted heavy damage and death on the opposition. The Taliban have reportedly blocked humanitarian and medical access and cut off communications and electricity in the region.

Banjir Valley: The only province in Afghanistan that still opposes the Taliban – Photo: Lucas Sambayo / G1

Opposition to the USSR and the Taliban

Ahmed Masood is the son of Ahmed Shah Masood, an anti-Soviet commander in Afghanistan who was an engineering student at the University of Kabul.

In opposition to the Soviet Union, Masood Sr. earned the nickname “Lion of Punchshir” and his supporters called him Amir Sahib-i Shahid, meaning “our beloved martyr commander”.

To this day the Panchshir Valley is littered with Soviet armored corpses that were destroyed in invincible wars.

With the exception of the Soviet Union, the region was unable to occupy the area during the 1980s, when the Taliban controlled the country between 1996 and 2001.

Masood Sr. was assassinated by al Qaeda in the neighboring province of Takar in 2001 during the 9/11 terrorist attacks that triggered the US invasion of Afghanistan.

Punchshir served as the stronghold of the Northern Alliance, an armed group that allied itself with the United States during the 2001 invasion, to oust the Taliban from power and drive al-Qaeda out of the country because of common enemies.

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