August 15, 2022

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Anker's new MagSafe dual-thickness battery is all about a mAh

Anker’s new MagSafe dual-thickness battery is all about a mAh

If you take one look at the first wave of Modular Magnetic Wireless Charging Battery Kits for iPhone And I thought, “Wake me up when they give us more than a full charge!” Then Anker may have the battery pack for you. Anker 633 new magnetic battery, Available now for $80 on Amazon, it has twice the capacity at 10,000 mA. That’s enough to charge the iPhone 12 twice or the iPhone 13 Pro up to 1.8 times, according to Anker (via Gizmodo).

It’s not small.
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You see, attempts at fashion have gone out – No chic colors or fancy origami stand from Anker this time. Instead, this utilitarian battery pack features a traditional foldable kickstand and what appears to be an additional USB-A port, plus Qi wireless charging. If you want faster charging than a 7.5W Qi pad offers, you can connect a USB-C cable between the USB-C port and your phone to charge the 20W PD.

The kickstand can hold your phone in a horizontal position while charging at a faster rate of 20W from the USB-C port.
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Is that the USB-A port on the bottom? Resembles.
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Apple recently updated Its original MagSafe battery pack supports 7.5W wireless charging as well (above 5W), although this bundle has almost no capacity for this bundle, and we’re waiting to see if the faster charging speed makes it hotter to use. Official Apple Pack Doubles as a wired pass through the 15W MagSafe chargerhowever – something not technically denied by MagSafe It is almost certain that they will not be able to do.

But if you’re looking for something that will mostly live on a desk, OtterBox and Anker both sell Magnetic battery packs that attach to the charging stand When they are not in town with you.

We’re not sure why Anker listed this as “Anker 633” on Amazon when it already exists Anker 633 Magnetic Wireless Charger Includes a smaller battery. We are asking the company now.

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