April 1, 2023

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Analysis: New Texas abortion legal thought and passed by men | The world

Was she male or female? And were the people who voted for the law to come into force mostly men or women?

The new law prohibits abortion after the sixth week of pregnancy. There are no exceptions to rape or sexual assault cases.

The law still calls ordinary citizens “abortion researchers.” This means that anyone can sue the doctors, nurses or taxi driver who takes a woman to an abortion hospital.

You can earn at least $ 10,000 in court for that. This sets a serious precedent: people are more likely to make money from abortion procedures.

The bill was conceived by 52-year-old lawyer and senator Brian Hughes. It was approved by an assembly of 132 men and 48 women. Although Texas is a state with a majority of women in the population.

Therefore, the new law contains A group of men decided about the lives of women. Whether or not a woman has the right to choose whether or not to terminate a pregnancy.

How great is the freedom of women if women are excluded from public spaces where decisions that shape society are made?

If men make decisions for women on profound issues such as the issue of abortion, then what freedom do women have in this Western society – the “free society” we are proud to say.

Judge Ruth Ginsburg, who died in 2020, was one of the greatest advocates for women’s rights, Argues that the right of women to choose is directly related to gender equality.