March 23, 2023

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An Israeli study says goldfish can float on dry land

Red fish – carp, or goldfish – are capable of driving. This result came from a team of Israeli researchers who evaluated the ability of this species to adapt and divert to a terrestrial environment.

Researchers at Ben Gurion University in the Nike Desert have developed a device that allows a red fish to move around while swimming in a fishbowl placed on a robotic cart. This study has been published in the journal Behavioral Brain Research.

The researchers attached cameras that monitor the movement of the fish to the vehicle’s navigation system.

The vehicle moved forward as the fish went to the front of the fishery. The vehicle was immobile when the fish stayed behind, the researchers who released the video of this unique “fish control vehicle” say.

To complete the investigation, the scientists placed a target on the outside of the vehicle. When the fish reached the target, it was rewarded with 0.002 g of food particles in its fishery.

After a few days, the fish were able to reach the target without getting lost, “regardless of its starting point” and “avoiding dead-end streets”, the highlights of the study.

Research concludes that the red fish has the ability to “adapt its spatial representation and navigation capabilities from its own to a completely different terrestrial environment.”

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