March 27, 2023

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An Asian woman has died after being pushed into a tunnel in New York

A 40-year-old woman was killed in a train crash in the New York subway on Saturday (15). According to authorities, Asian Michelle Alyssa Coe, Simon Marshall, 61, was pushed onto the tracks by someone she identified as.

After throwing the woman on the train, the suspect escaped. But after a while he handed himself over to the police. Authorities said the woman died at the scene.

In the testimony, another woman told police that the man approached her before pushing the other victim. “She realized he was going to push himself on the train. As she was leaving, she saw the crime of pushing the other victim in front of the train.

According to police, Marshall has a criminal record and is on parole. He has two fines, one for attempted theft and the other for his recent probation. The police also pointed out that the person in question is suffering from mental illness.

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