December 7, 2022

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Amy Schumer was killed on 'SNL'.  Why didn't anyone care?

Amy Schumer was killed on ‘SNL’. Why didn’t anyone care?

season 48 of Saturday Night Live It got off to a rough start in its first five episodes, caught – sometimes uncomfortably, sometimes intriguingly – between giving the cast members a stronger showing and trying to introduce a new era of the show. So maybe it’s fitting that the best episode of the season so far was hosted by someone with a lot of viewers SNL And the experience of the comedian she hasn’t hosted though for over four years: Amy Schumer, who’s touting the live-streaming comeback of her series. Inside Amy Schumer — who has been absent from the airwaves for much longer, since spring 2016.

Schumer’s episode was not one of the episodes of Blue Moon SNL Wins, running nearly every sketch and the pair become instant classics on David Pumpkins level. But it was solid in terms of the basics: The Weekend Update didn’t crowd out the graphics by going long; The graphics themselves were tight, concise and plentiful without touching any old recurring characters or even a lot of familiar formats (game shows and talk shows were willingly absent). Instead, the pieces strike a fine balance between sarcasm and subject matter: a woman played by Schumer agonizes over whether she can start eating her lunch while her friend tells a sobbing story; Three jurors disrupt the trial with their strange motives; Three unbearable ladies give testimonies in favor of “big stupid hats”.

Many of the drawings also had Schumer’s imprint, although Specific written credits that was traded through SNL The online fan base (yes, it’s there!) indicated that she didn’t write any of it. Far from former employees like John Mulaney, hosts don’t usually write sketches for the show, but can have a hand in their choice; Whether Schumer was just along the writers’ wave or modified it with her performance style, much of the episode felt her sensitivity. A fake advertisement for menstruation-safe underwear, as Schumer’s character realizes in horror that her menstruation attracts animals, could easily have been a good fit Inside Amy Schumer, with its ever-increasing index of insults related to women’s lifestyle. So, too, can be a simple tableside infographic where a woman (Schumer) reveals that she finally convinced her husband (Andrew Desmocks) to go into therapy (and make other life changes) with the “Big Penis Therapy” brand. Even a very simple graphic about soccer making short, harmless talk between harsh talk of trash and harassment had an unspoken political advantage.

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It is disappointing, if not particularly surprising, that the live audience, Online fan base And the cultural critic Reaction to the episode was very muted, and in some cases (hint: the internet) actively hostile. Part of this is a byproduct of the comic fans’ natural inability to get to the same page, and some of it is the usual constant disappointment. SNL Not the most progressive, sophisticated and/or experimental, it’s not generally by design, mixed with some insightful critiques of the show.

Surprisingly enough, however, on this last episode is that Schumer’s presence seemed neutral at best, and impressive or a nuisance at worst, in keeping with the general cultural backlash against her. Back in 2015, when it debuted SNLAnd the Inside Amy Schumer It was a great and beloved comedy series, train wreck It recently had a hit of $100 million, and if anything, there was doubt about whether SNL It can do its job fairly. In 2022, her career is more diverse than ever; Last year, I made Hulu’s personal drama series life and home; co-hosted the Oscars; Due to an outstanding performance in a strange, never-before-seen Broadway adaptation Humans; She re-scheduled her series, which is about to end a five-episode abridged season. And none of these things were received with great fanfare.

New episodes of Inside Amy Schumer It helps summarize how the culture around Schumer has changed and how she has tried to keep up, with admittedly mixed results. Some of his clips feel desperate to capture the understandably raging political outrage over assaults on campus, abortion, and transgender rights without always getting big laughs — while the new little behind-the-scenes commentaries sometimes feel equally desperate to explain just how right these sketches are. . (In the final episode, the writers actually lead “before you go to Twitter…” before explaining that the graphic that clearly mocks the rich looking to soar is, in fact, mocking the rich with aspirations toward wokeness.)

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However, the other sketches are sharper and sadder than ever, with Schumer portrayed in parts as a visitor to a sleep clinic who (like everyone else out there) rejects simple advice about spending screen time in bed; A woman who can’t stop issuing a condescending “Aww” to every gay couple she sees; And part of the group of friends that can’t stop praising their supposed gratitude. Schumer moved away from the shocking Sarah Silverman-style laughs she used to aim for at her stance, and more toward Larry David-style anatomy than supposed social detail, backed by a diverse writing team. It’s not a cultural crime that the show’s best graphics aren’t circulating heavily around social media (and putting many of them on YouTube at Paramount+ doesn’t help), but if there’s a thirst for comedic commentary — and weekly attention SNL Receives suggestive – it’s a bit strange Inside Amy Schumer Another fan-only offering has become another dashboard for the company’s streaming menu.

Schumer has some eclectic and prominent contemporaries on things that seemed universally beloved in 2015 and 2016, only to become a meritocratic shortcut in some corners: Think of how Star Wars: The Force Awakens I flipped from a delightful series revival to a soulless Disney nostalgia crap, or how a Broadway musical Hamilton I’ve gone from triumphant and electric reinvention of form to cliched, left-wing enough propaganda for the status quo. It is not a pity that a relatively small slice of culture has rejected one of the greatest films of all time, the Pulitzer Prize-winning Broadway film, or the rich and successful comedian; Of course, it is healthy to re-evaluate the phenomenon of popular culture, especially work that has been canonized almost immediately. But there is an element of post-2016 despair, and perhaps even self-flagellation, in these reactions — anger from an imagined audience who thought a Jedi Girl, feminist comedy or rap would constitute sufficient defenses against racism and fascism, and so on. It’s the flip side of imposing moral standards on fictional characters, and a similar result: the feeling that by hating appropriate movies and shows, politics is somehow implemented. In other words, it’s a bit performative – a condition Inside Amy Schumer He always understood, and mocked most effectively without all the explanations. Perhaps this is the reason for it SNL The episode was a lot of fun: This show is an old hand at not explaining itself, and ignoring the fact that it’s bad at times. In 2015, a lot of fans wondered if Schumer was so cool SNL. In 2022, for better and worse, it’s not polite enough to be a perfect fit.

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