January 29, 2023

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Americana receives 150 random boxes at home and begins to donate

Businessman Jillian Cannon received an unusual order at her home in New York, USA. Accustomed to shopping frequently online, she was surprised by the 150 boxes this time around offered by Amazon, none of which were actually requested by the woman.

After more than 100 silicone packages arrived at his garden to assemble protective masks against Covit-19, the American called his ally and assumed the orders had come from him. But to his surprise, the owner of the object was not identified.

“When I started getting packages, I called Amazon to try to return them, but they explained to me that I had to keep them because they were delivered to my house,” Canon explained to NBC.

Hours passed and the boxes kept coming, a total of 150 packages. According to a publication Facebook, Was able to prevent the merchant from sending another 850 boxes to his address.

“At first, I believed it was a scam, or someone might try to clean up their warehouse,” Cannon said, dismissing the hypothesis when he discovered that the items were all identical.

Surrounded by thousands of silicones used to make masks, the woman discussed with her children what could be the purpose of those commands. She and her partner soon decided to donate most of the care to a hospital to avoid waste.

“How do we get something positive out of this whole hilarious story?” We were thinking that. “So my business partner and I contacted the children’s hospitals and decided we’d like to make some crayons with a small kit and stickers with a blank mask so they can play while the kids are in the hospital.”

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The American asked Amazon to provide the remaining materials to make the tools, but the first request was denied. Today, however, CNN reports that it has received a positive signal from multinationals and encouragement from other companies.

She has already been linking Kids with her babies and hopes to finalize deliveries to hospitals this week.