March 25, 2023

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American accuses own father of forcing him to bury bodies of at least 70 women in well – News

Iowa Police, Ill AmericaA farmer in the town of Thurman is being investigated for allegedly killing about 70 women – after his daughter told authorities where the bodies were hidden.

Lucy Studi claims her father, Donald Dean Studi, was a serial killer who forced her and her siblings to dump the bodies of the women he killed in a pit approximately 30 meters deep.

He says he was forced to use a wheelbarrow in the warmer months and a sled in the winter.

“He told us we had to go to the well, and I knew what that meant,” Lucy told Newsweek. She feared that her daughter would also be the next victim. “I thought he was going to kill me. Shut my mouth.”

Studi, who died in March 2013 aged 75, was “regularly drunk” and enjoyed killing women by crushing or kicking their heads inside the trailer, his daughter said. He is accused of killing between 50 and 70 women and at least two men – one in his 40s and another in his 20s.

Both of Studi’s wives committed suicide before his death. According to police records, one was hanged with an electric cord and another committed suicide with a gun.

Investigators believe the daughter’s claims, which would make Farmer one of the worst serial killers in American history. According to authorities, he took women he believed to be sex workers from Omaha, Nebraska, to his farm before murdering them.

Fremont County Sheriff Kevin Aitrope confirmed the investigation, saying “I 100% believe there are bodies there” and that it would be a “major task” if they excavated the scene.

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The property on Green Hollow Road is not an official crime scene because authorities have yet to find any clues. However, sniffer dogs alerted at least four locations on the property, with several “hits” at the last.

Apart from one 15-year-old runaway, Lucy says all the victims were dark-haired, white, and most were in their 20s and 30s. Additionally, women were buried in clothing and jewelry. The victims’ gold teeth were removed from each murder and kept as trophies.

“My dad was always a criminal and a murderer. I felt nothing for my dad. Nothing. I wanted justice when my dad was alive, but he’s gone,” says Lucy. “What I want is to excavate these sites and give these families and women some closure and a proper burial.”

The FBI and the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation are assisting local police in the investigation.

Lucy concludes by saying that she has told the story to many people over the years, but “nobody listened to her”.

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