October 2, 2022

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Almost all Ferraris sold since 2005 are recalled

Almost all Ferraris sold since 2005 are recalled

Zoom / All of these Ferraris should be recalled due to a faulty brake fluid reservoir cap.


Avoid thinking of Ferrari. Not its Formula 1 team, which has repeatedly snatched defeat from the jaws of victory as the Red Bull rival slid away from the championship, but its Road Car division, which has been recalling nearly every car sold since 2005.

The problem is the brake fluid reservoir cap. It’s designed to release pressure if necessary, but this design is clearly not too hot. Venting may not occur, resulting in a buildup of vacuum, resulting in a potential brake fluid leak. And if you don’t have any brake fluid in your brake lines, you won’t be able to slow or stop (without hitting something big and hard).

So the fix is ​​pretty simple – a new brake fluid reservoir cap, and a software patch that lets the driver know if their brake fluid reservoir is running low. (If this happens, Ferrari says stop immediately and tow.)

The company believes that only about one percent of the cars are actually affected, but prudence requires that all of them be replaced. That’s roughly 23,555 cars in the US, starting with the 612 Scagliettis built in early 2004. In fact, the only Ferraris to be exempted will be the 575M Maranello, the 599 GTB, and the new SF90 and 296 hybrids.

Owners must be notified by the end of September by Ferrari when to bring in their cars for repair.