January 30, 2023

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Alberto Fernandez proposes to change the capital of Argentina – News

Argentine President Alberto Fernandez has reiterated that Buenos Aires should no longer be the capital of the country and that the post should be transferred to another city in order to reduce the strong imbalances in regional development.

“Every day I think about whether the capital of Argentina should be somewhere other than Buenos Aires with all the potential to create a capital in any country,” the president said at an event in Monteros. Northern Tukuman Province.

“Wouldn’t it be time to accept these challenges and start thinking about how to do this as a community?” Said Fernandez at a cabinet meeting as part of the “Alternative Capitals” program. Beginning of his tenure outside Buenos Aires.

This is not the first time the capital has been moved from Buenos Aires to another city. In 2014, Deputy Leader of the Opposition Alberto Asif introduced a bill in Rio de Janeiro, C கோrdoba, to transfer the general audit of parliament and the nation to the province of Santa Fe.

A few months ago, then – Speaker Julian Dominguez – now Minister of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries – proposed shifting the capital to Santiago del Estro.

But undoubtedly, in 1986, when then-President Raul Alphonse promoted a plan to expand political and economic power, a much-talked-about initiative came, which sought to relocate the capital to the city of Witma (about 800 kilometers from Buenos Aires). Complete effort without moving forward.

“A better Argentina”

According to Alberto Fernandez, for his government, “federalism” was not “a talk” but a “call for Argentina’s integrated development.”

“We know there are more asymmetries. At the center of the country is the wealth of the countryside, which allows us to export everything we export and produce everything we produce, but there are other parts of the country that are different. Wealth, that is, the federation, should think of Argentina as a whole, “he said.

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The Peronist president said he had already promoted the idea of ​​”leaving Buenos Aires, going, listening, visiting” through his “Alternative Capitals” program.

“First, we must put Argentina at the head of every Argentina. We can transform Argentina into a more just, more balanced, more egalitarian country. We are not condemned for this inequality we live in today. It is up to us,” he stressed.