March 21, 2023

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Agency says Russian troops are approaching Kiev | The world

Russian troops approach Kiev, The capital of Ukraine, on Friday (25) at dawn. According to the US agency AB, US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin received the information.

The agency said the secretary had spoken by phone with congressmen confirming that Russian forces had entered the country via Belarus about 32 kilometers away. Kiev.

Ukrainian television reported that the city had triggered an airstrike warning after it was hit by missiles early on Friday (25). An organization similar to the province asked people to look for shelter nearby.

Ukraine launches two missiles and one aircraft KievSaid an aide to President Volodymyr Zelenksy.

Ukraine’s Deputy Interior Minister Anton Herashchenko says the country expects a Russian tank attack on the capital on Friday.

Russia has denied carrying out a missile attack KievRussian news agencies quoted Defense Ministry sources as saying.

The head of the Ukrainian Armed Forces said that the Russians were using an airport in Belarus to mobilize troops and attack. Kiev. The original plan was to use the Hostomel airport near the Ukrainian capital, but the military said the point was badly damaged during the war.

“In order to intimidate the people of Ukraine, the enemy chooses to destroy civil infrastructure and housing,” the chief of staff said in a speech on social media.

People in airstrikes shelter in Kiev, Ukraine on February 25, 2022 – Photo: Vyacheslav Rutinsky / Reuters

The The war that began on Thursday (24) It was the largest attack between European nations since World War II. Russian President, Vladimir Putin He justified the invasion as a measure to protect separatists in the east.

The latest update is that at least 137 people have been killed and 316 injured in Ukraine since the Russian attacks, according to Ukrainian Health Minister Ole Liyashko.

The bomber struck shortly after noon in the Ukrainian capital, local time. At least one Russian plane, unmanned or unmanned, was shot down by air defense.

The plane crashed in the Dornitsky region of southeastern Ukraine, according to Anton Zherashchenko, adviser to Ukraine’s interior minister. Kiev. The official also released photos of a 9-storey apartment building on fire after the Russian bombings.

Residential building in Kiev damaged after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on February 25, 2022 (Photo: Umit Pektas / Reuters)