March 27, 2023

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After a CNN report, Chad edits the amendment with the company that negotiated with Kovacsin

Then Report CNN Released last Tuesday (22), Ministry of Health Changed subtext This doubled the value of the contract for the supply of signed condoms Medications are needed, The company that negotiated the vaccine Covaxin With the Central Government.

In that statement released on Monday, seven days before the signing of the contract for the supply of Indian vaccine Kovacs with precision, the Health Commission amended the contract for the purchase of female condoms, doubling the total value of the tender. Like vaccines, NEED refers to only one company, Cupid Limited, which is headquartered in India in this regard.

However, a price record for the supply of ten million units of condoms has been issued, however, according to Portal da Transparency, the only agreement signed between the parties dealt with the purchase of five million units, R 15, 7 million. In February, the added amount doubled the total contract value without specifying any change.

The revised text published in the Official Gazette dated June 24 reads as follows: “Contract No. 316/2020 – Summary of First Amendment to USASG 250005 DOU of 02/23 – Version No. 35/2021, Section 3, Page 92. Where it reads: Total Renewed contract value: R $ 31,500,000.00. Read: Total Renewed Contract Value: PRL 15,750,000.00 “

When asked about the contract amendment, he said that the amendment refers to the initial value of the price record provided for the supply of ten million units of female condom and that the increase in values ​​is related to the increase in the quantity provided.

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However, both the amendment signed in February and the amendment released this week only changed the total contract value without describing any change in the amounts the company was required to pay.

The article requested clarification from the Ministry of Health and Needs Drugs for further correction, but as of the publication of this article, the folder has not returned any contacts.

Indian vaccine dose from Bharat Biotech, Kovacs name
Photo: Adnan Abidi / Reuters