March 25, 2023

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Acid priest attacks bishops during synod in Greece | The world

Greek police have arrested a priest who attacked seven metropolitan bishops of the Holy See with acid in Athens.

The bomber struck shortly after noon in front of a crowd of mourners Greece, Wednesday night (23).

Seven bishops, who had gathered to consider the priesthood in office, were taken to hospital with burns to their face, hands and clothes. A monastery security guard was able to apprehend a priest at the monastery gate, and both suffered burns. There were no initial reports of serious injuries.

The 37-year-old priest was fired in 2018 during a disciplinary inquiry into a drug-related arrest, police said. Police said he ordered the acid online.

“There were spectators where the Holy Bishop was going to be interrogated. At that time, for his own reasons, he decided to do this act and endangered the lives of the people. We condemn this, we have no right to do these things. Now, we only need the prayers of all the Greeks , ”Said Bishop Nia Ionia Gabriel after the attack.

A lawyer representing the priest told local media on Thursday (24) that his actions were due to a “very bad psychological state” and that the priest was taking medication for depression.

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