August 17, 2022

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Abramovich’s $ 7 billion worth of suspicious assets frozen

Getty Images / Michael Svetlov

Getty Images / Michael Svetlov

Roman Abramovich became the owner of the British football team Chelsea

The Isle of Jersey, located between England and France, today (13) froze $ 7 billion worth of assets suspected to be linked to Roman Abramovich. The Russian billionaire is part of a series of names targeted by sanctions over Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

According to local government, the Royal Court has ordered a freeze on assets “in Jersey” or owned by companies affiliated with Jersey that are “suspected to be linked” to Abramovich.

Jersey police yesterday (13) carried out search orders at a facility “suspected to be linked” to Abramovich’s business activities on the island.

The Jersey government said it would not comment beyond the report, but Abramovich’s representatives did not immediately respond to Forbes’ request for comment.

Good luck

US $ 8.3 billion. According to Forbes’ real-time supervisor, Abramovich is worth a fortune.


Abramovich was cleared by the United Kingdom and the European Union last month after being punished by Russian elites after Russia invaded Ukraine in February.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Gelensky has personally asked US President Joe Biden to refrain from allowing the millionaire to act as mediator between Russia and Ukraine.

Although the United States was skeptical, it was widely reported that Abramovich had been poisoned while participating in peace talks in early March. The United States did not allow Abramovich.

Prior to the ban, Abramovich announced he would sell his football club, Chelsea, amid pressure from British politicians over his ties to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The four finalists were selected by a team led by sales consultant Raine Group, Chicago Cups owners, the Rickets family, Los Angeles Dodgers and Lockers co-owners Todd Bohley and Mark Walters, the Philadelphia 76ers and the New Jersey Devils, Josh. The team is led by Harris and David Blitzer and Boston Celtics co-owner Stephen Bacliuca. The sale is expected to end on April 18 when the Rain Group submits an offer to the Premier League and the UK government.

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