February 7, 2023

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A shirtless passenger exchanges punches with another man inside a plane; Watch the video

Images of chaos went viral on social media; The incident took place on a Biman Bangladesh Airlines flight

11 Jan
– 10:17 am

(Updated at 10:23 am)

A shirtless passenger punches another on a flight

A shirtless passenger punches another on a flight

Photo: Reproduction/Twitter/@Bitanko_Biswas

A shirtless passenger exchanged punches with another man on board the flight of Biman Bangladesh Airlines, the national carrier of Bangladesh. Bangladesh. This information has been published in a British newspaper Glass.

A video posted on social media shows the confusion in the first row of seats on the plane. The shirtless man appears to want to remove the other passenger on the Boeing 777 from that seat.

At one point, the argument escalated and the seated passenger appeared and slapped the shirtless man in the face. In return, he takes three punches before the other men break up the fight. According to the newspaper, the scene took place before departure.

Biman Bangladesh Airlines is yet to comment on the case and there is no word on whether anyone has been arrested. The video went viral on Twitter after a post by Pitango Biswas, who identified himself as an airline employee on the social networking site.

“Another unruly passenger,” he wrote in the post’s caption. Watch the video:

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