March 29, 2023

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A Polish woman who claims to be Madeleine McCann lives in a modest mansion

Julia Wendell and researcher/moderator Fia Johansson

Photo: Background/Instagram

A young Polish woman, Julia Wendel, 21 years old, who claims to be Madeleine McCann, leaves Europe for America, where she lives in a mansion to seek the favor of a medium. According to daily star, The young woman fled Poland after receiving death threats, and a private investigator and Dr. Fia Johansson lives in Los Angeles, California.

Johnson alleged that his team could not find any hospital records in Wrocław (the city where she allegedly grew up) relating to the first five years of Julia’s life. He also says he has sent a report to US authorities about the threats against the young woman.

“We have officially submitted a report to law enforcement taking into account all threats made online, documenting all accounts and individuals involved in spreading threats and lies about Julia’s case and status. US law enforcement is taking her case seriously and is carefully reviewing all information,” the media said.

Madeleine McCann alleged

Julia rose to fame on social networks after creating a profile as Madeleine McCann, a woman who disappeared in Portugal in 2007. Through her profile, she began posting videos and montages in which she compared her physical attributes to a young British girl who disappeared at the age of 4, gaining more than a million followers within days.

However, Julia’s relatives have already published a position on social networks that the young woman suffers from mental illness, has been hospitalized several times and took all her childhood documents and photos from home. Polish police also dismissed the possibility and publicly declared that the young woman had lied when she said she was Madeleine.

Source: Editora Terra

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