March 24, 2023

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A person who had sex with a Thai heroine idol was arrested!

One Man He was nearly beaten to death before being arrested for trying to have “sexual intercourse” at one of Thailand’s most revered and sacred monuments..

Preacher Shumbla, 30, was arrested by the police for practicing undressing. “Amorous sexual acts” At the Thao Suranaree or Ya Mo monument in Non Somboon.

The monument honors Tao Suranari who died in 1852. The King of Vietnam saved countless lives when he invaded the region in 1826. Considered one of Thailand’s most beloved heroines.

The Daily Star reported that police officers at Cheng Sung Police Station were called by Preacher’s parents on Friday afternoon (8/26).

According to police, Preacher’s parents said it was their son Under the influence of drugs. Then he left the house Attack parents. Found by police on the roof of a Thai family’s house. NakedBut he refused to come down.

Preacher assaulted after having sex with sacred idol Photo: Reproduction / Facebook

But Preacher escapes and goes to the monument, where he finds visitors “having sex” with a statue of the heroine. Many people recorded this strange scene on their cell phones. The “sex session” lasted Two hours.However, the others there got fed up with the scene and left for the show The aggression, which stopped only with the arrival of the police.

After Preacher was arrested, his parents prayed “Apologizing to the Heroine”.

Can take refills Ten years in prison.

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