January 30, 2023

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A man ends up in the hospital with a cannonball in his anus, triggering a bomb blast; The patient explains the “accident”

On Wednesday (1st), the medical team at the Royal Hospital in Gloucestershire, England, had to trigger a bomb blast on behalf of a patient admitted to the emergency department. The unidentified man had inserted a cannonball into his rectum.

According to reports in The Sun, the patient said he had an accident at home. A collector of various military items, he slipped on a cannon shell 17 centimeters long and six centimeters wide. “As with any incident involving ammunition, relevant safety protocols were followed to ensure there was no danger to patients, staff or visitors.”, Gloucestershire spokesman explained.

The British Ministry of Defense confirmed that a team from the Brigade Disposal Squadron would visit the hospital and monitor the work of the doctors. British officials recorded the incident as “a patient with ammunition in the rectum”. “It’s a thick, sharp piece of lead, designed to go through a tank. It’s basically an inert metal, so it’s not life threatening.”, Described by one of the specialist doctors at the hospital.

The missile blast alerted doctors. Photo: Breeding

Because the medical team lacks this kind of knowledge, they do not think twice before calling in qualified professionals. The Explosive Ordnance Disposal Brigade added that it was a World War II 57mm shell, usually fired by anti-tank guns.

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The patient said he was cleaning the house at the time of the accident and found the object and placed it on the floor. He slipped and landed directly on the projectile, which entered his rectum. According to the person, he immediately sought medical help. The hospital told The Sun that the patient had already been discharged and would recover soon. Aside from fears of the risk of an outbreak, the only condition observed by experts is the possibility of perforation of the patient’s bowel.

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