August 13, 2022

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A man died of snakebite after the funeral of his brother who was bitten by a snake

Two men died of snakebite in India in unusual fashion: the first was targeted by the reptile and unable to resist its venom; When the latter went to his brother’s funeral, he too was bitten by a specimen. According to Tribune India, the case is taking place in a village Bhawanipur.

First death Arvind Mishra. the man The 38-year-old was bitten by the snake, the species of which and the manner in which the animal was targeted were not reported.

As the grief grew, the relatives went to the village with the funeral rites.

According to local authorities, Arvind’s brother Govind Mishara, 22, was sleeping when he was attacked. He was rushed to hospital but did not survive.

Another family member, 22-year-old Chandrasekhar Pandey, was in the same house and is being treated for the same venomous bite.

Island president Kailash Nath Shukla said he would meet the family and provide necessary assistance. He urged the local authorities to take action to prevent such incidents from happening in the future.

Studies by the World Health Organization indicate that 90% of snakebites in India are caused by common krait, Indian viper, Russell’s viper and scale viper species. It is not known which of them bit the family.

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