December 4, 2022

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A macaque guards the body of a dead child at the zoo for three days

Zookeepers in Germany have captured the moment a female monkey mourns the body of a baby that died shortly after birth. According to the team responsible for the mother’s care, “Traceuse,” she watched over the baby’s body for two days until staff took it away.

A relative of baboons, the trill (Mandrillus leucophaeus), has been living at Grüner Zoo in the city of Wuppertal since 2017. She was eight years old and gave birth on November 4.

Biologists noticed the presence of the body, but it did not interfere with the behavior of the mother, which is considered natural for the living things.

“This is a natural behavior that is also observed in monkeys in the wild. This is how the mother and other members of the group say goodbye to dead cubs,” the zoo said in a release.

According to the zoo, Tracyus “removed” his son’s body after monitoring it for two days. At that time, another woman in the group looked after the baby for a few hours and then took the monkey’s body away.

“Though we are deeply saddened by the loss, we are happy to see how she took care of her lifeless offspring. It shows that in the case of a new offspring. Pregnancy After a successful delivery, she should raise her calf in an exemplary manner to contribute to the conservation of such threatened species,” he added.

The cause of the calf’s death has not been released by the zoo at this time. Practitioners are considered endangered monkeys. The pregnancy of females of the species lasts about six months, and adults, animals can reach 18 kg and 70 centimeters.

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