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A judge was suspended for being half-naked and smoking during a virtual hearing

Posted on 11/25/2022 11:16 PM

(Credit: Infobae/Reproduction)

A Colombian judge has been suspended for three months for lying down in a T-shirt and panties and smoking. In the virtual audience🇧🇷 Decision of the Judicial Disciplinary Commission of Norte de Santander, which understood that Magistrate Vivian Polania violated several administrative regulations.

An investigation into the incident last week discussed an attack in Cúcuta in June 2021 within the Colombian Army. The judge’s camera was turned off while witnesses and attorneys spoke.

According to the Colombian press, which had access to the court’s ruling, the judge turned on the camera an hour before the meeting, “he was lying on the bed in a bad position, revealing himself to be agitated with sleepy eyes and slurred speech”.

A lawyer alerted the judge, who immediately turned off the camera. However, the footage was leaked on social media and made possible, prompting an investigation by a Colombian judge.

  • Judge Vivian Polania shared photos of the underwear on her Instagram account. So far, she has 372,000 followers on the social network.
    Instagram @vivianpolaniaf3/Reproduction

  • The Judicial Disciplinary Commission says prints of the judge’s appearance show him to be in “poor condition”.

“Such a situation is incompatible with the care, respect and diligence with which a judge of the Republic must administer justice, and it indicates a clear lack of respect on the part of the officer,” the judges composing the commission wrote.

In an interview Blue radio, from Colombia, Vivian denied being half-naked and said she was lying down because she had an anxiety attack and low blood pressure. The magistrate said he was “too overburdened” and this was affecting his mental health. She also said that she used to get bullied by her colleagues for the way she dressed.

Vivian’s outfit earned the judge a series of disciplinary actions ahead of the virtual hearing. At the time, the magistrate defended himself, saying that the city of Cúcuta, where he had moved to take up the post of judge, was “scorchingly hot”, so he stuck to shorts and T-shirts for long dresses, but was forced to wear them. A judicial dress because she was “too attractive”.

Another thing that caused repression was the judge’s online behavior. According to the Colombian press, Vivian is known for sharing photos in only underwear on her Instagram profile, where she had 300,000 followers – the account was temporarily suspended, but has now been reactivated.

“I was tired of pleasing people instead of my own peace of mind,” he said in an interview Blue radio🇧🇷 He also said that he will not change his character to please others.

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