March 21, 2023

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A dog that helps vaccinate children who are afraid of needles | See how beautiful it is

At the Children’s Hospital in San Diego, California, there is a special member: Olly, a six – year – old golden doodle (a combination of gold and poodle).

In California, children between the ages of 5 and 11 can already be vaccinated with Covit-19, but many are afraid of dying from the needle. Oh Dog Vaccination helps children with fear and anxiety to cross this barrier.

He is a part of 14 “Therapeutic Dogs” Group, Trained to attract the attention of scary little ones. See more in the video below:

The dog is helping to calm children receiving the Govit-19 vaccine in the United States

The anticipation of a slip made 9-year-old Avery Smith cry, but then Olly came in and sat at her feet. Avery’s mother, Kelly Donahue, was photographed with her dog and her 6 – year – old sister, Olive. The shock passed quickly.

“It helped me because I had never received the Govt vaccine before and I did not know what it was like. But when I saw the dog, I calmed down,” Avery said.

Dog Treatment Program Returns to San Diego, California Children’s Hospital – Photo: REUTERS / Mike Blake

Before vaccination, the Puppies They already had a job: to bring a little joy to pediatric hospital patients, most of whom have been hospitalized with cancer or other diseases that reduce patients’ energy.

Sometimes, it is the parents of children who need a dog foot. “Sometimes a parent will ask, ‘He’s asleep after surgery, but can I pet the dog?’ They’re embracing Tokyinhos and feeling good, “said Christine Gist, 75, Olly’s owner, a volunteer for the show and a former director of the hospital.

When controls began in favor of Cowie-19, more than 20,000 dog visits to hospitals were blocked. Now they are happening again.

“Nothing. It was quiet. The kids were bored,” hospital spokeswoman Carlos Delcado said. “So, thank God, we started reuniting the show. Even a three-minute visit with a dog makes a difference to their day.”

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